34th Americas Cup.San Francisco Bay. Thrilling Regatta as Climax approaches.


34th Americas Cup 2013.  Glorious San Francisco Bay. Americas Cup Oracle Team USA narrow gap on Team New Zealand, as the exciting final race approaches. The latest round of the World Famous regatta is reported like a thriller by Liam Phelan in the Sydney Morning Herald.   With stories of pharaonic budgets,  State of the Art technology & over engineered at massive cost.. Reportedly American software billionaire, Larry Ellison has bankrolled the US Team to the tune of US$100. million. Whereas the Australian Government, funding the New Zealand Team, are reported to have spent a whopping US$150 million. It is suggested that it is no longer a sport,  as the 72feet Catamarans, devised by the Americans, are dangerously fast & cumbersome.Cameras on the yachts enable viewers to follow the race in palpitating real time. Terrific. Liam Phelan article in Sydney Morning Herald, & organiser Bonnie Vale Sailing Club in Australia. Photo AFP



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