MacDougall`s Russian Art Auctions 30A Charles11 St. London.SW1Y

MacDougal`s Russian Art Auctions 1st December 2011.

30A Charles 11 St . St. James. SW1Y

LOT No. 14.

“The Merchant`s Wife” by esteemed early 20th century  Russian painter, Boris Kustodiev. One of Russia`s best known artists.

A figure in the “World of Art” movement, he was famous for his paintings, often in vibrant colours as in this painting, that illustrated the Russia of his memories,that idealised his homeland…… a sort of “heimweh”…….. before the Russian Revolution.

A depiction that appealed to Western collectors, also.

Boris Kustodiev`s works are present in several Russian Museums including Russian Art Museum in Kiev.

Lovely women from the Russian Intelligentsia modelled for Boris Kustodiev, & we can imagine them all drinking tea together, which was a social ritual. This painting from 1923, depicts a  beautiful “merchant`s wife”, in her stylised “Russian” embroidered shawl,  in an idyllic setting by the sea,  overlooking the towers of the Orthodox Church, & is typical of a series of paintings that Boris Kustodiev accomplished over the years. An evolving dream of his memories………….


The Merchants Wife was presented at the celebrated Russian Art Exhibition at the Grand Central Palace in New York, in 1924, organised by Igor Grabar & Sergei Vanogradov. The painting was bought by a Private Collector, & not seen again until it was sold at Sothebys in 1998.

This a rare opportunity to acquire a painting by an important figure of early 20th century Russian Art.


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