Deauville Arqana Yearling Auctions 2014. No.11 sells for 1.200.000. Presented by Ecuries Monceaux.

no 11

Deauville Arqana Yearling auctions 2014. Last night no 11 sold for 1.200.000. euros, sold by Monceaux Ecuries. Bought by Tony Nerses for Saleh al Hamazai & Imad al Sagar.The yearling comes from top German horse breeding stock..Image courtesy APRH. Last nite 65 Yearlings sold, 82% of those presented, up % on the same nite last yr.AVERAGE PRICE 249.800.Euros. 8 lots went for 500.000. euros or more. 29 at 200.000 or more.Demonstrating a strong buyers market. Anne & Etienne Drion, Coulances Consignment presented a strong card of Yearlings. Lot 39 sold by La Reboursiere for 850.000 euro, issue of “Sea the Stars”. Lot 81 was bought by Anthony Stroud for 1.000.000 euro, sold by Haras La Reboursiere et de Montaigu. Lot 81 now belongs to Mayfair Speculators, South African investors with Marcus Jooste. Thru Peter Doyle Marcus Jooste also bought Lot 36 for 700.000.euro.Belonging to the Lagardere/Aga Khan team presented by Ecuries Monceaux. Ecuries Monceaux sold 9 Yearlings for 4.520.000 euro,with Lot 30,out of Invincible Spirit & Tonnara,  sold for 850.000 euro, to Coolmore.  Coolmore team were the top buyers last nite, investing in 4 Yearlings for 1.755.000 euro.  Mandore Intl.Agency bought 8 Yearlings for 1.715.000. euros. No.11 Image courtesy APRH. &  Image from the Yearling sales room courtesy Maybelline Tilkens.


Ecuries Monceaux



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