Faberge. From Russia with Love. Rediscovered lost Faberge egg. A gift from Tsar Alexander 111 to Empress Maria Feodorovna Easter 1887. On show at Court Jewellers Wartski, 14 Grafton Street, Mayfair, 14-17th April 2014.


Bought by a Collector, not Russian & Seen in public for the first time in 112 years a sensational rediscovered Faberge egg.  This particular Faberge egg was given by Alexander the 111 Autocrat & Emperor of all the Russias to Empress Marie Feodorovna for Easter 1887. In gold, bejewelled, and hiding a surprise inside, a Vacherin & Constantin gold watch. Faberge started creating the Easter eggs for Tsar Alexander the 111. It is both a sacred & an intimate object. Only 50 of these lavish works of art were ever made, each one unique. After the Revolution the Bolsheviks seized these precious objects & sold them to the West. Eight  of them,however, are missing, of which only 3 of them are believed to have survived the Russian Revolution. This 3rd Faberge Easter egg was last exhibited in St. Petersburg in March 1902.This lost Faberge Easter egg was bought by an American scrap metal merchant, who lives in a small town in the MidWest, who had planned to melt it down to recuperate the gold………Faberge expert WartSki Director Kieran McCarthy’s visit to the scrap metal merchant confirmed that dreams can come true……. .The new owner has generously agreed that Court Jewellers Wartskis, 14, Grafton Street, off Bond Street,will be showing the egg to the public from 14-17th April 2014. Wartski are the leading Faberge experts.


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