HALCYON GALLERY in FAR EAST. Exhibiting sensational & rare Liz Taylor Portrait by Andy Warhol.


Halcyon Gallery exhibits @ Art Stage Singapore Presenting one of Andy Warhol’s most sort after & valuable pieces of art. Liz Taylor’s  silver portrait.   Created in the summer of 1963.The portrait captures & amplifies Elizabeth Taylor’s intensity & unique charisma. Warhol’s vivid silkscreen portraiture was inspired by magazine & newspaper cuttings.   ”Silver” was the Future. “Spacy”.  Astronauts wore silver suits. Silver was also the past, silver screen  film stars. Silver backed mirrors reflected the narcism, of the period.         In 2013 Halcyon announces opening of their new Art Gallery in Shanghai. A location that symbolises Halcyon Gallery’s longterm commitment to Asia. & allows them to propose a core of international & local artists to a part of the World that is witnessing dramatic shifts in its Cultural Agenda.   Halcyon Gallery, Bond Street, Mayfair, London.W1.




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