Horse Racing Ace Intl Form Analyst. Radio Tab correspondent Pete Ellis

Pete Ellis

Pete Ellis international Globetrotter follows horse racing across the World, & is recognised as one of horse racing’s foremost Intl Form Analysts. A chief Correspondent for TAB Radio, acclaimed as Australia’s greatest racing radio station. He covers the big races from Melbourne to Kentucky to Saratoga to Arlington to Ascot  to Paris Arc de Triomphe  to Dubai,  where ever. The racing and the race horses are international now. Pete Ellis mentioned that in last year’s  Melbourne Cup he reckons that  17 out of the 24 runners were  European bred.  For a population of 23 million the Australian horse racing prize money probably ranks 2 or 3 in World rankings.  Employment generated by the Australian  horse racing industry makes it the  3rd  largest employer. Pete Ellis told me that the money coming into the Racing prize money had increased substantially since the interest of the Maydan Corp in Dubai. The  prize money offered in the Dubai races had catapulted Dubai into the arena as a major player in the  horse racing industry. The Dubai World Cup being the World’s richest race. Consequently the World’s best & most expensive horses are racing in Dubai.  It would seem that the Chinese are studying the Dubai template to see if it would transfer successfully to China. The Chinese are also talking to the French Horse racing & betting industry, to see if there could be a model for China.  For the Chinese there is the question of having so many people re-united at a race course, with social media so prevalent, this could lead to unwanted consequences.  Pete Ellis discussed the technology issues that the Chinese would be considering. The hand held devices today mean that a punter can down load info on a horse race anywhere , & place a bet electronically with a debit card. As a trans-frontier sport even people outside China might be able to bet on races in China. There is a lot of gambling in Hong Kong where there are 2 famous race courses.   As a % of Sports betting the racing % is diminishing. Racing is in decline in Ireland & the UK. But in France there are incentives for French bred horses that win races……………..           Pete Ellis is  correspondent for Radio Tab Australia




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