Le Quesnay Haras, Normandy, one of France’s Premier Haras. Focus pre “Yearling Race Horse Auctions” feature. Fairytale, ancient parkland setting for the enchanted world of horse breeding & horse racing…..the Sport of Kings.

Le Quesnay

In the International world of top class horse racing the family dynasty of the HEADs is syonymous with elite. Famous for the top class  races won on the Turf. Exceptionally we have been been given a tour of their 300 hectare park, full of ancient trees & meadows for grazing. and met some of their 300 horses, stallions,mares, yearlings & foals, currently stabled. Horse racing & breeding is big business. 40 lads. From Conception to Sales Ring a Yearling will have cost about 15.000 euros, not counting the price of the saillie by the Stallion.  After the Yearling is bought, the horse goes for training to become a racehorse.  Cost approx 2500 per month, not including the Vet costs. The horses are as intl as their owners moving between different countries , UK, Ireland etc, as the new Yearlings are produced. French breeders are keen for the mares to give birth in France as there are substantial financial supplementary benefits to the Owners & Breeders when their horses win in France. A brief list of Le Quesnay Haras Yearlings going for Auction on the Posting that follows. Our very special thanks to the Director of the Haras who took time from his busy schedule to give us a tour of the Haras Le  Quesnay,owned by the Head Family since 1958, a magical  summer’s afternoon. As I would say to my husband, Marc,     “A PERFECT DAY cheri” copyright special feature Haras Le Quesnay, objects2desire.com






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