Madrid. Norman Foster inaugurates his new Foundation in the Madrid Palace of the Duke of Plasencia, which will host the 75,000 documents from his archive.

Norman Foster, 82 years old, in the headquarters of his foundation, in the old palace of the Duke of Plasencia.  Madrid. José Manuel Ballester

Norman Foster inaugurates its headquarters in Madrid: “We build houses, but we do not create communities”
June 1st Norman Foster opens his long-awaited foundation in Madrid, in the old palace of the Duke of Plasencia, which will host the 75,000 documents from his archive.Travelling between London Madrid & Lausanne, This is his life after overcoming a bowel cancer and a heart attack: he travels continuously in his Falcon 900 (is an aircraft designer and a RAF pilot)  projects and building projects in fifty countries At the same time , he runs a team of more than a thousand people and never thinks to stop. 

“Lord” Foster, what are people without a past?
As I always say to the students, if you want to look far ahead, you will first have to look far back. There are many factors that are in the genesis of a design, but for me one of the most important is History. If you are fascinated by the future, you need to be passionate about the past, because you are absolutely connected. And the problem is that the educational system regards History as an isolated compartment.  I remember when I arrived at Yale University, Professor Vincent Scully taught History by linking it even to the cinema premieres in the city , And of course what the great architects of the time, like Louis Kahn or Saarinen, did. All human beings are products of the influence of the past, equal to what you dedicate.
One of the main tasks of its foundation will be to promote interdisciplinary thinking.





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