Melania Trump swings into Taormina, Sicily, Uber Glamour for the wife of American President Donald Trump, in Sicilian inspired Dolce Gabbana outfit, coming up roses all over…

Melania Trump arrives in Sicily in totally Sicilian inspired outfit from the Italian design Duo Dolce Gabbana.Photo courtesy Daily Mail On Line. Photo courtesy AP

Melania Trump arrives in romantic Sicily resplendent in Italian design duo  Dolce Gabbana created outfit inspired by their traditional Sicilian culture. A collarless coat, Embroidered with colourful bejewelled flowers, reminiscent of the Mediterranean floral culture, worn over a shimmering pale pink dress, with matching high heel shoes and a custom made purse.

Sicily here we come. As  World leaders arrive for a tense G7 meeting. Taormina’s. San Domenico Palace hotel, a former Monastery is the venue.

The Trumps are staying at the historic Timeo hotel, with its stunning romantic views over the sea…..

American President Donald Trump’s first international tour as President will be remembered as much for the appropriate standout chic outfits of Melania Trump as for Donald Trump’s International standpoint……….





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