New York. Christies & Sothebys “American Art” Auctions draw in Buyers from around the World Dec 2013.

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper;s bleak New Jersey street scape was sold  for 40.5 $ million, at Christies 5th December 2013. Part of the collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. for over 60 years, & acquired directly from Hopper’s Agent. Below the Norman Rockwell “Saying Grace” was sold for 46.$.US. at Sothebys, 4th Dec. 2013. 10 of Rockwells paintings, mostly from the collection of Kenneth Stuart, former Art Editor of the Saturday Evening Post, that used to feature the Rockwell images on their cover, synonymous with an epic period of American history.                                   The Modern American art auctions are standing up well, as they pull in buyers from all over the World, with strong demand from the Emerging Markets, as the Art Market draws in Buyers from a wide geographical spread. The rich are getting richer & look to place their spare funds. 




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