Stephen Webster Jewellery.

Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster English jewellery designer, attracts the entertainment industry’s most alluring stars. This is a ring from Stephen Webster’s “Murder she Wrote” 2011 collection. Married to a Russian lady, the stores in Moscou, Kiev & St Petersbourg are tremendously successful. A glamourous new store is about to open in February 2014 in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Stephen Webster’s success is due to his quite unique talent for using the most unusual stones & mixes for his jewellery, from the Worlds most distant mines. The search for rare stones is continuous as the exclusive look of Stephen Webster’s jewellery depends on the wonderful & unique colours of the  stones themselves. Africa,Columbia,Zambia,Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania,Pakistan,Burma, South Africa,Mozambique,Congo………………A Magical Mystery Tour…………………

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